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Ikea in Paris underground

I have always been a big fan of outdoor campaigns. Recently, the new generation of advertising seems to revolve around the internet: mobile, social networks such as twitter and Facebook, YouTube videos etc…But, in my opinion, nothing can beat the buzz and impact created by GOOD outdoor campaigns.

Check out this extremely creative interactive campaign of IKEA in Paris…

Ikea in Paris station

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� Visual Narratives From Arabia: The Blog of Tarek Atrissi

� Visual Narratives From Arabia | Arabic Type, Typography, Design and Visual Culture: The Blog of Tarek Atrissi.

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They say you’re free to choose any role model, so, I chose mine!

Tarek Atrissi has been a fulfilling source of inspiration ever since I started college. His designs are inspiring and his creative concepts are a pleasure to practice, they’re built on ideas that are strong and straight-forward. He doesn’t only master the art of arabic typography, but also devotes himself to each medium available out there.

arabic street graphics by Tarek Atrissi

To learn more about Tarek’s recently published book, awards, workshops and biography, please follow the link to his personal website:

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Ever wondered what this icon is ?

RSS icon

RSS, Really Simple Syndication is a time-saving service. Similar to feed reader interfaces (mentioned in my previous post), once you subscribe to RSS feed by clicking on the icon, you will be receiving all updates of the website.

Why subscribe:

Instead of keep going back and forth to check if your favorite websites have any updates, this service brings you all the updates, and you can simply read them on your feed reader.

Watch the tutorial video for more info:

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A look at what’s new on the web, in seconds!

So many bookmarks on your toolbar? So many saved items that you procrastinate to check? So little time to check all the new posts of your favorite websites?

I have recently discovered Google reader and it has literally saved me hours of my time researching and keeping up with all the news. Google reader allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds, manage them, label them and even share them with others, all for FREE ( i will be providing a full detailed explanation about RSS feeds in my next post )

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Day 2

Working on setting up my blog and slightly confused.  A lot of info, why can’t it just be simple!

March 10, 2010

Today is the birth of my blog, and this is my first post.  Hello to all you creative people and those who appreciate art.  I hope to be a good source of inspiration and to be able to provide you with design news and resources.


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